Who is Daax?

Geek, Nerd, Esports Enthusiast.
I am a laid back guy that that likes to get involved with the community of the game I play.
Which is why I was excited to take this site over from Machen when he took a break.

Everquest was my first MMO back in 2000. I feel in love with it and the concept of MMOs. 

I did some raiding in the early days of EQ, but am in no way an EQ Veteran.
I would consider myself an MMO Veteran, having cleared end game content in a number of MMO’s. But Nothing compares to the atmosphere of Everquest.

As ive come to learn the TLP community is largely made up of EQ Veterans, some who have large opinions etc. I’ve learnt alot and am continuing to learn more. 

I appreciate all the support and helpful feedback ive received.

I work in the IT field, but not as a Web Developer. This is a hobby for me.
I do it for my love of the Community, Raid Progression, and to develop my skills in web programming.

What is the goal of this site?

The main purpose of Phinnykills.com & Agnarrkills.com is to track the raid progress of guilds, and to preserve the progression history for the servers.

I’ve always loved to follow the progress top end EQ guilds that I remember seeing back in 2000, TSRTritonCestus DeiSilent Redemption to name a few. Even though I hadn’t played the game in many years.

So I was excited to take over running this site back in 2015.
I strongly believe Phinigel is one of the best TLP’s to date, that it will have guilds raiding each expansion for many years to come. Unlike TLP’s in the past that dwindle down to 1 active guild, I dont feel that will be the case for Phinny or Agnarr.

Since the launch of Phinnykills.com, i’ve looked to grow the site in different ways.
I have added new features like, Guild Ranking, news sections, and Forums.

I would like to continue to grow the site, and provide the TLP Community a place to go outside of DBG forums.

Frequently Asked Questions

The main things that go into this decision are:

  1. Raid Target must give server wide yellow text alerts in game when it is killed.
  2. Is the target a legit raid boss or is it trivial boss?

For example: Some yellow text targets just dont make sense to track because they can be 2 grouped.

Because of this some raid targets are just not tracked, which also removes keeps the site a bit cleaner.

Server Firsts are recorded when the a guild reports the first kill on a tracked raid target.

Its required to post the yellow text of a Server First kill.

Regular kills.
As guilds kill Raid Targets they report the kills by posting in the forums.

There is a Kill Submission template created for each Expansion.

Yellow text is not required for these submissions, only server first. 

The order of the Guild Progression List  is based on the date each Guild killed the Expansions Final Raid Target.

For example:

In Classic Eye of Veeshan is the Expansions final raid target, if your guild is the first to kill it, your guild would be #1 in the list, if your guild was the the 5th guild on server to kill it your guild would be #5 in the list.

 It does not matter how many other targets in that expansion you have / have not killed, final target is what the order is based on.

The purpose of Guild Ranking is to show a view of progression across all expansions. Also to encourage guilds to clear all tracked content in each expansion.

Guilds earn points by killing raid targets.
Here is the points break down:

In Era kills:
Server First = 2pts
Normal Target = 2pts
Final Raid Target = 5pts
Out of Era Kills:
Normal Target = 1pts
Final Raid Target = 3pts

The more raid targets your guild kills in era the more points they earn, and if your guild missed an expansion or two you can go back and clear it and still earn points to your overall ranking.

There is another progression site that tracks progression starting at GoD, I think that is great.

I choose to continue to run this site for a few different reasons.

Mainly I want this site to catter to Phinigel & Agnarr TLP specifically, and the guilds that have made these servers their home.

I look for ways to make this site more useful to the people in the TLP community.

That is a great question. Now that the site is setup it doesnt take ton of work to keep things updated.
One big help is to spread the word. Direct people to the site, maybe they are looking for a guild, or wondering where the server is at progress wise etc.
Currently I cover all costs for running the site and any tools used to make the site.

Donations to assist to cover these costs are always welcome. Links provided below.

Following me on Socials is also a nice bonus.

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About the TLP Servers


  • Launched: December 9, 2015
  • Latest Expansion: Lost Dungeons of Norrath
  • Ruleset: True-Box Timelocked Progression – New expansions unlock automatically about every 8-12 weeks
  • Truebox: Only one EverQuest client may be run per computer.
  • Pickzone: Yes
  • Experience: Classic (Slower than Progression and Live)


  • Launched: May 24, 2017
  • Latest Expansion: Original/Launch
  • Ruleset: PoP-Locked, New expansions unlock automatically about every 12 weeks, expansions will stop unlocking with Lost Dungeons of Norrath in the Planes of Power era
  • Truebox: Only one EverQuest client may be run per computer.
  • Pickzone: Yes
  • Experience: Progression (Faster than Classic, slower than Live)

Get in Touch

I always love hearing from you. Contact me at the following:


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